User Guide

Welcome to the eBoxingHandles introduction page. If you have landed here, you've probably had already purchased your eBoxingHandles or are strongly considering purchasing one. Whichever the reason, you're on the right path. Starting the training today means you're on your way to gaining unbelievable strength, technique, balance, focus, and firm, carved, lean muscles!
Unboxing the eBoxingHandles
The eBoxingHandles package contains one pair of eBoxingHandles. The handles operate on two AA batteries, one each for the right and left handles. The batteries are not included in the product package.
Inserting Batteries
In order to start using the eBoxingHandles for the first time, please insert one AA battery in each handle. To insert the batteries, remove the battery cap on each handle (see video below) and place them with their "+" side pointing inward. Once the batteries are in, close the battery caps.
Launching the eBoxingHandles App for the First Time
Download the eBoxing app from the App Store or Google Play onto your smartphone or tablet. Launch the app by clicking on the eBoxingHandles icon on your device's display. The first time you launch the app, it will ask you to provide your name and photo to set up your account. You can create multiple accounts in the app at any time. Once you have set up your account, you may proceed with your first training!
Connecting the Handles to the App
To switch on the handles, simply grab them. The handles will detect that you touched them and switch themselves on automatically. When the handles are on, they will automatically connect to the app installed on your phone or tablet. If the connection is good, two green handles will appear on the app display. At the same time, the handles will give a short vibration, indicating the device is on and the connection is established. The handles and the app are now ready for training.

Please note, if your palms are dry and/or cold, the handles might not be able to detect the touch. In this case, please lightly moisturize your palms. Rubbing them together is a quick way to increase blood flow and heat them up.

The first time the app is used, it will detect and pair with two available handles. From this point, the app will always try to connect to these handles.
So, make sure no other handles are switched on nearby when using the app for the first time! Should you need to connect new handles, please click on the reset handles button on the handles screen of the app. The app will then pair itself to two available, nearby handles.
Training Modes
When the handles are connected to app, you are ready to start the training. There are two training modes in the selection:

1 - The Free Workout consists of shadow boxing with the eBoxingHandles. It's intended more for trained boxers, who already have knowledge of, and routine for, performing different punching combinations and are able to do a full shadow boxing training.

2 - The Guided Workout is more for less-trained or beginner-level boxers, or non-boxers and fitness enthusiasts wishing to do boxing training. The Guided Workout gives you punching combinations to perform. Vibration signals in the handles indicate when to start the combinations, which you need to perform with alternating hands. It utilizes an adaptive training engine to tailor workout to your fitness and skill level so you get the most out of it!
Guided Workout
If you select Guided Workout, you need to specify the length of the training. Adjust the timer and press Next.

Upon pressing Start, the app will show you the first punching combination to perform. If you are very new to boxing and you don't know how to perform the combination correctly, please click on the Play Media icon in the middle section of the screen! A video will open showing the proper execution of the punching combination, first in slow motion and then in real time. If you understand the proper execution of the combination, just click anywhere on the screen to continue.
If you are ready to begin the workout, click on the Start button on the app or shake the handles in each hand at the same time. The training will begin and the timer will start the countdown. You will get a short vibration randomly at one of the handles. Start executing the punching combination with the hand that felt the vibration! Execute the combination with alternating hands from one punch to the next. You will need to perform the punching combination only once following the vibration impulse. When you have finished executing the combination, you will get another vibration signal randomly at one of the handles. Perform the same punching combination again. The app will repeat this between 15 and 25 times. The exact number of repetitions is chosen randomly by the app.

When it's time for a new punching combination, both the handles will vibrate twice at he same time. Have a look at the screen, and you will see a different punching combination. Follow the same instructions again to start the training.
Watch the video if necessary; otherwise, indicate the start of the training with a short, sharp movement with both hands the same time.
At the end of the Guided Training a Score Table will show up. This will show:
  • an intensity graph,
  • the best and average response times, and,
  • intensity values.
The se statistical values give a clear overview of your training.
Free Workout
If you select Free workout, the app will start a timer for your shadow boxing routine. Adjust the length of the training, and then just press Start! The timer will begin. Following the training, you will see a detailed, statistical analysis of your workout. It will show:
  • the total number of punches,
  • the number of punches of each kind,
  • an intensity graph, and;
  • maximum and average intensity values.
Score tables
The score tables will automatically show up following all finished trainings.

To get a list of past training scores, click on the middle section of the startup screen. Here, you can browse through past training records and keep track of the progress you make!
Recommended Trainings
If you are new the eBoxingHandles, you may need some guidance on how to start. Shadow boxing is not obvious or easy for newbies, so don't start with the Free Workout. We recommend starting with three-minute sessions in the Guided Workout. Three rounds of three minutes each will give you a very reasonable introduction to training. It will initially leave you exhausted. But don't worry, the progress is very fast! After a few days, you will be able to raise the timer to 5 minutes per round. Once you get confident in preforming the combinations, you may start to do Free Workouts, as well.

The eBoxingHandles training is addictive. The trainings are enjoyable. You feel the progress very fast as your technique improves and you builds strength. Just keep practicing!
The handles don't switch on.
Make sure you have inserted batteries into the handles! Grab the handles. You should feel a short vibration impulse from both handles when they switch on. If you don't feel the handles switch on, please moisturize your palms with water, etc. Then, try to grab the handles again. You should feel the vibration impulses.
The handles don't connect to the eBoxing app.
The connection to the eBoxing app is automatic. If they don't connect, please close down and relaunch the app. Try removing and reinserting the batteries in the handles. In some Android devices, the connection may take a little longer.

To check the connection status of the handles, please click on the handles icon on the upper right corner of the screen. On the handles screen, you may check their connection by clicking on any of the handles pictograms. You should feel a short vibration impulse at one of the handles when the pictogram is touched. You may try both handles here.
Connection is lost during training.
Sometimes during training, the connection of one of the handles may be lost for a moment. When this happens, usually the connection is reestablished automatocally and immediately. A short vibration impulse indicates the reestablished connection. If the connection is lost and can not be reestabilished immediately, the other handle will start giving quick vibration impulses indicating the lost connection. If that happens, pause the training and remove and reinsert the batteries in the non-functioning handle. This usually solves the problem. If the connection cannot be restored, close and re-launch the eBoxing application.
Handles icon is blinking yellow.
The blinking yellow handle pictogram indicates the battery level is low. Insert new batteries into one handle or both!